Acoustic Zen Satori-How Good Are They?

Considering upgrading my speaker cables (AQ Clear SE). Short list was limited to AQ Dragon (hard to find) or Nordost SPM, but read the AZ Satori review where these are claimed to be as good as/better than SPM. Would like to hear the opinion of some "real" people who have experience with this cable...especially if you've also compared it to SPM/
I have the Acoustic Zen Satori Biwire in my system now and I love it. I had the Nordost SPM and was not crazy about it.
I did not A-B them on the same speakers but if I had to pick I'd go with the Zen.
I've had the Satori cables in my system for about a month now and I couldn't be happier. I never listened to the Nordost SPM so I can't compare them but if you are looking for something that is very transparent and true to the source, give them a chance. I dont know what system you have but if you are looking for "band aid" cables to fix a problem or alter the sound, they won't do it.
I have Satori shotgun cables and I love them. I had Synergistic Research Resolution Reference .5 which retail for about the same price and it wasn't even close. Synergistics did bass and were a little more dynamic but that was it. Across the entire sound spectrum the Satori's were much cleaner sounding, more relaxed (let you crank up the volume), and had less grain. I am thinking about comparing my Designer Reference interconnects to Acoustic Zen's silver reference next. Stay tuned!
Thank you all for your posts. Olesno - I am not REALLY looking to fix a problem, just got a case of audiophile Spring fever. My system is posted in Virtual System (Endless Nights/Restless Days or something silly like that). Have a look if you have the time, as i've stated what it does well and what I want more of in my comments. Mfontana - Thanks. I have read all the SPM reviews out there and know it doens't work well in every system.
Alexc, I don't know where to look for the "Virtual System". By the way, my "audiophool" spring fever started long time ago and it still continues. I think this is what drives us all to the sonic nirvana which we know will never happen and will at best only be a good copy of LIVE MUSICAL EVENT. Going back to the Acoustic Zen, I am using their cabling throughout my system and for me, at last, THIS IS IT.
Another new, hot cable seems to be the Coincident. There have been positive postings regarding these cables similar to the Zen. Has anyone compared these to the Zen?
Olesno - Yeah, the link to Virtual System ain't very intuitive. This is in Beta phase on Audiogon, so I suppose it will get better. For now, click on "New Today", and scroll down past the classifieds until you get to the Virtual System link. Click..and voila!