Acoustic Zen, Reference 3A and ATC


Which ones of the above mentioned produce a sound with faithfull tonality? I read in a review of the Reference 3a mm de Capo that "tonality is spot on", how the other two companies compare with Reference 3a in this regard?

And secondly, again considering all the three companies: Are they harsh or easy on ears? How easy? I have in mind long listening sessions.
I had ref 3a decapo be, now have atc scm7 v3.
Id say decapo image better, but tonally I prefer scm7. the decapo had some forwardness and something I found bright in the treble/upper mid
murphythecat, the v3 version of ATC scm7 that you own, is this the current version or one of the previous?

Anybody else who heard two or all of the three companie’s speakers?
I personally find the decapos to be tonally faithful based on my 3 year experience with this design, YMMV. You have to listen to speakers in a given system to gain any salt as to their intrinsic value to YOU. The DECAPOS are in my extensive experience quite special. In that I am very confident, I really love this design. Listen if you can, particularly with tubes. While not perfect, they are fundamentally just RIGHT.

Not compared myself. ATC are neutral and accurate in tone. In practice this translates as more forward midrange and less low end than most designs targeting home use (which tend to be more colourful in a way that is popular - stronger treble and bass)

I have no trouble listening to my Di Capo i's for hours and hours  , with tubes .

I have always said ... they will let you hear what your other equipment sounds like .

Good luck .

I owned the de Capo BE's and now own AZ Adagios. They both do best what they do best. I would say the de Capo's are a bit more forward while the Adagios resolve better.

Either way you're going to listen to music for hours. The only reason why I moved to the Adagios ( a lateral move, really) is because we moved to a place where I could finally have a listening room that could fit floorstanders.