Acoustic Zen owners/impressions

I'm really interested in the crescendo 2 and maestro. Anyone here have one or thoughts ?
I have owned my Crescendo's for 5 years now and love them! They are very holographic and just hits all the audiophile buzz words and boy can they rock.

Will be downsizing soon and going smaller to a full range single driver system.

The Acoustic Zen Crescendo Mk2 speakers are excellent if you're looking for a very natural, effortless sound that is extremely pleasing and works well with just about any gear, solid state or tube. The Maestro takes that to the next level, but requires a suitably larger room as well.

Is there a specific question you have about these speakers?
@nekoaudio How do the C2s and Maestros compare to other top speakers that you've heard? Magico, focal, Von Schweikert, Dynaudio etc.
Amazing speakers. Had the Adagios and heard the Crescendos. Plus, Robert Lee offers excellent service!
Crescendo 2 are good but for the same money Sanders 10e are in a different league IMO.
Robert Lee sells direct so can usually get a good price. 
Never heard them but was tempted on looks alone!
@smodtactical Acoustic Zen designs their speakers to be very natural sounding. IMO they will particularly appeal to people who are themselves classically trained musicians, similar to the appeal of Audeze headphones.

They are not as transparent and detailed as Magico. If you want to hear every detail and nuance, then Magico or YG Acoustics is a better choice. However as a result many people end up pairing a speaker like that with an amplifier that adds a little color.

Focal's higher-end models are quite nice. Two big differences will be the traditional port style and Beryllium tweeters on Focal, versus the transmission line and ribbon tweeters of Acoustic Zen. I personally prefer to avoid ports due to the time delay, and have found the Acoustic Zen transmission line design to be a good alternative. Beryllium vs. ribbon will come down to personal preference—I enjoy both.

I'm afraid I haven't heard the newest Von Schweikert models. Dynaudio speakers never really spoke to me when I heard them at shows.
@nekoaudio  Thanks for the great advice!
Anyone heard the AZ Maestro?