Acoustic Zen or Harmonic Technology

I'm trying to decide between the Silver Ref II/ Matrix Ref II and the ProSilway III/ Prosilway II to firstly go from my CD player (Tjoeb 4000) to my preamp (Mcintosh C2200) and then from my preamp onto my amp (Mcintosh MC 402). I have AZ Satori speaker cables to Dynaudio Contour MK II's speakers. The question is given that I already have Satori's for speaker cable runs, should I go AZ in the interconnects too. I already own the Harm Techs which sound great already. Can I milk a little more out of the system if going Silver Ref II's from source to preamp and Matriz Ref II's from preamp to amp? Any other suggestions?
im using the hollowgram 2 on my 1.3 se,s,love em.talked to audio store owner.he contends that they are usually desinged to be used in tandem with each other.he could of sold me on others,more exp but he said the matrix would work sweet with the hollow,s.i guess i like to keep like products esspecially cables.
I was surprised that my guy at the Cable Company said "no" when I asked him if i should try to keep cables in the same family. He said once most people audition various cables, they seldom end up buying more of the same brand.

After trying all Purist Audio Musaeus's in my system, I did find that their bassiness and warmth that I love did need to have livlier cables in the system to keep the balance. But of course, the only way to find out is have the Cable Co send you a batch of various cables to try.
You'd be surprised but magic link / silver ref 2 make a nice combo. I find the AZ slvr ref 2's to be a touch hi fi sounding. Almost surreal in their clean sound. Not edgy but they present a lot of high frequency content in a demanding way. I currently use two magic links. The magics actually aren't quite as tipped up in the highs as the Pro-silway 2's I used to own. Given your list of options I'd go Sliver ref 2 / matrix ref 2 (which I've heard in combination). The matrix can be a bit grainy though but is a good choice to balance out the silver ref 2's. The magic's are a better balance than the matrix in my system.

Hope that helps
I compared Harmonic tech. pro-3 and Acoustic Zen Silver Ref. 2's through Avant- Gard speakers. The zen's have more extension on the highs. I thought the Harmonic's more holographic. Both have black backrounds and are close in detail.I bought Harmonic tech pro. silkway 3"s because they are half the cost.