Acoustic Zen MC2 -best digital cable for $300?


I am looking for a good digital interconnect up to around $300.
I've gone through numerous reviews/opinions/personal impressions and encountered different good cables, however one of them - Acoustic Zen MC2, stucked out for me, because of:

-good dynamics
-deep and wide soundstage
-naturalness and musicality

...the exact things I am looking for in digital interconnect.

However I've also heard that this interconnect can be a bit lean sounding, which is not good!

Please share your impressions of AZ MC2 or recommend another digital cable within that price range that will provide me the above-mentioned features.

Thank you!
May I suggest trying the Oyaide DR-510 or DB-510?
DR=RCA terminations
DB=BNC terminations
Comes .7m and 1.3m lengths.
Both cheaper than $300
Thank you for the recommendation. I've read however that Oyaide does not excel in speed and dynamics, the features that are important to me.
What you read and what you hear frequently don't sync. All these things are system dependent. Try one if possible.
That's very true, Rja.

I've tried to go through as many reviews/opinions of cables as I could to get more objective information.

I am aware I still don't know and I will not know until I listen to them myself and in my system.
Anyway, I need to start with something. This is why I am asking about people's experiences with different interconnects. If I find repeatable opinions of the preferable characteristics of some cables, I will get them and try myself. It's a bit long and tough way unfortunately, but I can't easily get cables as most audiogon offers and cable manufacturers is in USA and I live in Europe.
Try the Antipodes Audio Kokiri, a superior digital cable for a tiny bit over 300 USD.
From reviews the Antipodes Audio Kokiri seems to be a great cable. The problem is, it's a bit too expensive.