Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference MKI vs MKII

Hi guys,
I've been demoing a pair of Matrix Reference MKI's in my system for a few days and I'm lovin' it. Now I'm wondering if I should just purchase the MKI's or maybe just spring for a new pair of MKII's. I heard the newer version has a bit of silver in it that helps extend the top end. I'm just wondering if I will be sarcificing the midrange warms and weight that the elders provide.

I compared the Mat Ref I vs II a few years back and the II was clearly better with better extension and a bit more neutral.

However I think if you are going to spend $300+ for an IC I would buy a Gabriel Gold Revelation MKI (if you can get lucky and find one) which I think is better all around by a fair amount but with similar sonics (beautiful tone).
Thanks, but I always thought the GG Revelation went for a lot more than 300
I bought some for $330 and have heard of $300 prices but it has been a few years and there are not many in the ads lately so maybe they are gone.

just a thought...