Acoustic Zen Hologram vs. A. Plus Silver Oval...

Anyone out there compared these two?

I am currently using a Bi-Wire/shotgunned Analysis Plus Silver Oval/Oval 9 on my Martin-Logan Oyssey's and am generally sastisfied, but....

Thanks to any and all.
I have owned both and the Acoutic Zen is sooo much better there is no comparison. To my ear the AP is quite dull sounding. The soundstage is phenomenal, but thats about it. The AZ gets just about everything right, not to bright or dull in my system.
I realize I have slightly different models, but perhaps this will help anyway.

I have the acoustic zen satori & until two days ago the acoustic zen silver ref i/c. The satori walks all over the AP oval 9 copper cables I had. The silver ref i/c is one of the best i/c's I've heard. Not ultra-transparent (like upper end nordosts), but nicely detailed, harmonically balanced, and wonderful to listen to. They remind me of vandersteen speakers.
I aggre on the Likes of Satori or Hollogram (pref Satori) vs the Analysis IMO. good luck. Audioalexander
Been a while since I posted this, still haven't changed from my Analysis Silver/Oval 9 bi-wire speaker cable.

I'm running the Silver on the top (stat) of my M.L. Prodigys.

Any other contenders in the $500-ish price range (bi-wire) that I should consider as a definate step-up from my Analysis Plus??

Thanks to all & Happy New Year!
I've found another cable that I am really happy with since you posted over a year ago. Argent Audio Jaden Signature. They are certainly worth checking out, I think they outdo AZ and AP by a wide margin. They are available for free audition by Ric Cummings the desinger. His website is They might be touch over your budget, but when you hear them you're gonna freak.
Cool, thanks Ejlif, I own a set of the "Roomlens", and really like what they do, so I'll definately check the cables out!

BTW - at the time of my initial post, I wasn't aware of the (then) fairly new Analysis Plus "Solo Crystal Oval 8", so I would also be curious to hear anyone's "analysis" of these also.

Thanks again!

Denf, I have the Solo Crystal interconnects and Oval 12 speaker cables and am very pleased with them. They sound a little less etched than the Silver Ovals. I don't know if I am qualified to comment on the AZ cables because I have not heard them. However, the AP Solo Crystals utilize the same Zero single crystal metals technology as the Acoustic Zen with the added benefit of the Hollow Oval design. I believe that AP came up with their Solo Crystal to compete with the AZ and Harmonic Tech cables. For your information, according to the people at AP, the cable design is more important than the materials used. With the same single crystal technology and the Hollow Oval design, I can't see how AZ could be much better. As you know, AP has a 30 day trial option. Jim