Acoustic Zen Hologram II or Satori Shotgun

Audiogoners, Iam looking to decide between Acoustic Zen Hologram II or Satori Shotgun for my Paradigm Studio 60 v.3. My entry-level grear is
Anthem AVM 20
Parasound HCA-1205A
Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II interconnects

Any one experience with the these cables on a similar gear???????. Thanks in advance.

You can find some discussion here:

I use Satori Shotgun with Hyperion speakers but used it before with Paradigm Studio 60 v.2 with great results.
Very clean, silky-smooth, dynamic and neutral. I even emailed Robert Lee and he confirmed it as good choice for Paradigms (I trust him). It sounded fuller in the lower midrange (chestiness to male voices) in comparison to Audioquest Indigo, I had before, but that's exactly what I needed for a little lean sounding class D amp.

It is very thick. If you need to rework terminations it might be difficult. I bought it used with loose bananas on the speaker side and converted it to spades. It has whole bunch of insulated wires (maybe 10) while one of them is not solid and has again at least 10 strands. I crimped AQ spade with good AQ crimper and then soldered it with 4% silver solder.
I love my Satori Shotgun with my Bel Canto Ref1000 mkII. I agree it leans to the slightly warmer side, which should be good for your Parasound amps, which can tend to graininess in the mids, IMHO. Very nice with vocals, good staging, and black background.

I also confirmed it personally with Robert Lee. He has voiced his cables with many amps. You can call AZ and he'll probably just pick up the phone and you can ask him. He's first class and straight up. He could easily talk you into the most expensive cable he makes but he doesn't. That's the kind of company I want to deal with!!