Acoustic zen hologram 2 with spades

Hi... Hope you guys can help me with this very novice question. I purchased a used pair of acoustic zen hologram 2 speaker cables with spade terminations. The spades on the amp end don't fit the binding posts on either my amp or speakers. They look a little narrower than the spades in the speaker end, which fit both the speakers and amp. I thought spades were just spades but are there different size spades or am I doing something wrong? The spades on both ends have an AZ stamp so I think they were originally produced that way. I posted a pic at the link below, the pair on the right are narrower. Guidance is appreciated

They may have been custom made this way for the original owner, as not all binding posts are the same size.
I would contact Robert Lee at Acoustic Zen, I'm sure he can re-terminate them for you.
I have the same cables, got them brand new with similar spades. In my case I didn’t have connection problems.

Robert Lee is a very helpful guy, just give him a call.
They appear to be made to work with both 1/4-inch posts and with 5/16-inch posts.
Are you sure they do not fit, even at the end where the opening is larger?
AZ can reterminate them if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.
if you want to hear them first, before taking that plunge, buy some inexpensive individual (I.e., not connected pairs) bananas, connect the spades to the bananas and insert the bananas into your binding posts, assuming the posts accept bananas.
Yes they definitely don't fit on speakers or amp... I'll reach out to Robert Lee and get them reterminated to bananas
I would stick with spades on those cables, but have them reterminated to larger spades. Bananas on such a heavy, thick cable will put a lot of pressure on the binding posts and could cause damage. A spade will offer a much better connection.

Just my two cents,
p.s.  I had the same problem with the Hologram II.  I really had to pry the spades apart a bit to get them to fit on the amp end.