acoustic zen hollogram or cardas golden cross

trying to decide between this cables, for thiel c2.4 and classe equipment, my other cables are acoustic zen silver and matrix interconnections. can anybody recomend?????
i can get them for the same price. need only 6 ft runs, not biwire cause of theils.
i listen to jazz and vocals mostly.
thanks in advance.
Hologram is more neutral, still a little warm in a very nice way, but more neutral and extended than the Cardas which does have a very nice midrange tone but otherwise overrated with big bass and rolled off highs IMO.
I had an excellent experience with Hologram mk I with my Sonus Faber Concerto Grand Pianos, which, like the Thiels, are a bit tilted up on the very high frequencies. I knew I previously had inferior speaker wires (old Straightwire Rhapsody), but I was still surprised at the AMOUNT of difference these made in bass extension and overall openness. I don't have any experience with the Cardas cables though.
Acoustic Zen speaker cables have a nice nuetral sound. I would recommend tuning your system with interconnects, easier and less expensive. I have used cardas golden cross ic's, they would be good to tame a hot system. I have seen the golden cross ic's used on thiels in the dealer showroom also. Just one pair in the chain will do the trick.