Acoustic Zen Hollogram II for Sonus Faber Speakers

I want to upgrade my speaker cables for my Sonus faber Electa Amator II.
Up to the moment I use Transparent Ultra Biwire but many people recomend me Acoustic Zen cables.
Unfortunally I canĀ“t compare them.
Please let me know your recomendations. Other brad recomendation will be accept.
The transparent is a little more laidback/softer cable ingeneral. I find the AZ is a better match for your speakers. I used to own the Sonus Electa Amators(originals), and used AZ SAtori(double runns). It was superb! I'd try if I were you, yes.
You might call AZ and ask between Satori and Hollogram for your speakers/amp. Good luck
I use Wireworld Gold Eclipse III bi-wire with my EA II's. It sounds great. These are very expensive so buy them used. I previously used the same cables you now use, the Transparent Ultra bi-wire. The Wireworld is in whole different league. Another cable I really liked was the Audience AU24 (single, not bi-wire) I was demoing those when the Wireworlds came along. What is your amp. ?