Acoustic zen Gargantua

Anyone have any experience with these cords.I am running AZ inter.and spkr cables and am considering purchasing power cables.Any input would be greatly appreciated.Cables would be running MF.Kw500 and MF NuVista?Thanks
hello did you get your power cords sorted out yet?
if not let me know for I have Zens top 2 cables I started out with the very repectable Tsnami, then bought the reference Absolute power cord,
which is like a major upgrade, and the other 2 power cords are he Guargantua which was their best untill this past fall ,it is super with emf ,and and a statement product I hope this helps Paul.
FED - my customer feedback on the MF KW and NuVista products shows that Synergistic Research and JPS Labs are the cables most often preferred on these particular components, so I would give both of those cables an audition.
im using Acoustic Zen Krakatoa (the one below gargantua) and im very happy with it.........Acoustic Zen has a very good reputation on their power cables......