Acoustic Zen Crescendo - Anybody heard this one?

Except for a new review on positive feedback, I can't find anything on the speakers. Any impressions or comparisons welcome...thank you all
I've only heard these speakers at shows (RMAF), but they sound really really great to my ears. We always talk about detail versus relaxing musicality, but these speakers get the closest at the shows. The only other relaxingly detailed speakers I can think of are Avalon Indras, but they falter on dynamics (AT SHOWS).

The Crescendos are dynamic, more so than most speakers. The air moves but not because the volume (SPL) is too loud, the air is charged with sound. This is a big selling point, but perhaps the best quality is the low distortion. Your ears are not confused because you are hearing less distortion with these speakers.

Overall, they represent a great speaker value, full range, more dymanic than nearly all dynamic speakers (on the level of horns), low distortion, and a pleasingly warm presentation, but not overly colored, just natural sounding. The tweeter is expressive, full, and well balanced. A great value at $14k.

All this being said, I've only heard them at shows, don't know of any dealers that have the Crescendos, while everybody and their mother has the Adagios...

To respond to the really fine observations above, I am an Acoustic Zen Dealer that has the Crescendo speakers available for audition here on Long island, NY. To add to the above, the Crescendo's are remarkably efficient, yet handle big power too.. whether its a 20 watt SET amp,
or 200 watt Class A solid state monos, they sing. They do not need to be played loud to wake up, sound balanced and natural at any volume, and can play louder than most can listen, cleanly.
They are also not limited to a particular musical genre... what you feed them will fill the air. Happy listening...