Acoustic Zen Crescendo

Yesterday our local club (San Diego Music and Audio Guild) had a meeting, hosted by Acoustic Zen at their facilities.

Having been favorably impressed by Acoustic Zen speakers in the past, I visited their room at the Newport Beach show. The sound was OK but nothing overly impressive. Maybe it was the room? Or the number of people standing around talking?

Anyway, yesterday was a whole different experience. We heard their top of the line Crescendos driven by Tri electronics, including the parallel 845 SET, 50 wpc mono blocs in their factory sound room. The clarity, spatiality, effortlessness, and dynamics were something special.

At $16K the speakers are not inexpensive, but I would encourage anyone considering any speakers over $10K (even $50K) to audition the Crescendos before making a decision. And no, I have no affiliation with Acoustic Zen nor do I even own any of their products. But if I was in the market for speakers in that category they would be the ones to beat.