Acoustic Zen cables with vinyl front-end

I currently use AZ cables with a digital source and, like many here, am amazed by the presence/palpability/intimacy they bring to music. My analogue cable loom includes just one AZ cable - speaker - and I'm considering replacing the interconnect between phono preamp and power amp with an AZ.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has compared the performance of AZ cables in digital and analogue systems. Since AZ do not produce tonearm and phono cables, do you lose much of that wonderful "see-through" quality when listening to vinyl?

Many thanks for any replies.

P.S. Although I've referred to digital v. vinyl here, I'd welcome any feedback on an all-AZ cable loom v. AZ between preamp and speakers only.
Rjwood. Are you asking about Acoustic zen on amp to preamp besides the speaker wire? If so that is my set-up. I run ixos ixotica on the cd as this cable worked better than red dawn, vanden hul lst or 2nds on my player.....the acoustic zen matrix on the krell pam3 runs to the sim4070SE and I use the AZ satori single run to the newform researchs' using maplesahde ribbon jumpers. The jump in musicality on the pam 3 phono was very noticable when the az replaced the red dawn. Everything was simply fuller, richer harmonically combined with a sense of ease. I've never heard the roxsan zerxes comuninate the music as it now is doing....I end up listening to vinyl for a full evening....remember. this is what happened in my system in my room...but the az's are very good....the other cable that did this for me was siltech gen 3...very pricy but scary good....good luck, bluenose
Are you using the silver or matrix? The silver ref made quite an improvement over the AQ diamond and lapis in both table to phono and phono to line stage.Haven't tried to amp yet as I need a 3 meter run.Am considering the AQ anaconda in that area as I've ended up using the snake between phono and line.As good as the Zen is,you might think of the difference as being vanilla compaired to French vanilla.Good luck and happy listening.