Acoustic Zen Cables

Does anyone have any experience with Acoustic Zen cables? I have listened to HT, JPS labs and Nordost cables and wonder how they compare (particularly speaker cable). I have read great reviews at Stereo Times' web page but have not heard the cables myself and wonder if anyone can give me some personal experiences? It would also be great if someone could compare to the cables I mention since I am familiar with their sound.

Thanks in advance!
there are TEN (10) threads that have been started on zen since the beginning of february. are you aware that there is a search feature available for these discussions?
too tired to type anything other than "best I have ever used" in my present system. e-mail me for more info
I have to apologize for my mental misfirings. I did notice (after I started the thread) that there were a few others on the subject.

Did not notice anyone comparing the cable to JPS Superconductors though and wonder if there may be someone who has A/B'd the two?

Dolphin - I'll zip you a note off thread as I am interested in what you have to say.

Thanks again.
Rainy,i personally have not tried there cables,other than the mc= squared digital,but i just bought an electrocompaniet amp from a guy that said he and a few audiophile freinds did some comparisons of az ic's and cable and all found it to be superior to jps and harmonic tech.I can say the digital is the best iv'e heard.
Hi Rainy check with Jody at Brooklyn Audio..should be able to give you references for some users. He is on this site and speaks highly of the product.
Ears and Hifirus - Thanks for the help!
I have heard that the digital cable is a gem and am probably going to give it a try. I have also done some comparison between the JPS superconductor + and the HT Pro 9 speaker cables. I find that the HT provides more weight to every performance. Instruments have more timbre and there is more LF extension. However, the cable is a tad dark and lacks the high resolution of the JPS. I have heard that the AZ cables combine the best of both cables. If this is true, AZ will have developed "the" cable for my ears.

Happy listening and thanks again.