acoustic zen bi,s or shotgun?

Its time to get some more specialized cables for the forests.currently using hollow gram 2 with some jumpers that robert lee made to connect highs.Just wondering if some you have had both hollow gram 2 bi-wires and satori shotguns?mainly interested in acoustic zen owners experience.really enjoying the synergy of the componets so i want to stick with AZ.thanks.
AZ is a great product. I have no complaints. I also use MIT in longer runs and I do like them; I buy them used as they don't, in my opinion rate the high cost of new.

By comparison, AZ is probably worth more than Dr. Lee charges for new cables. Solid product; great value.
I find electric zen to be far superior.
I have a pair of AZ Satori Shotguns (currently for sale) They are the best cables I have ever had in my system, completely nuetral. I had them with a pair of Tyler References, VSA VR4jr's & B&W CDM1 SE's. I replaced a pair of MIT shotguns with the cables & it was like removing a few filters of grunge off. I have compared them to my Zu Cables Wax & the AZ's are clearer & more focused with a wider more detailed soundstage. I have not heard a pair of better cables, if I could justify keeping them I would.
I've never heard electric zen but the Acoustic Zen line of cables is very high value.

I have no affiliation with the company.
Satori Shotgun is designed for use wityh a 3-way speaker. The leads are High-Pass and Low-Mid Pass.
I believe the Forest are 2-way. So the HologramII could be a better fit. Why don't you e-mail Lee and ask him.
thanks audphile 1,you are correct.appreciate the input.lee said same...thanks.
you're welcome
I have a pair of Absolute shot gun cables that Robert Lee made for me, They are by far the best speaker cables I've heard. There is depth, width and a wonderful
sense of space. Bottom end is warm and full( I'm talking about the sound!). The
Mid's and High's are open and clear. I had a pair of Satori Shotguns they were amazing, then I switched to the Absolute Shotgun speaker cables and just when I thought it couldn't get any better.. It did! Unlike most audiophiles who buy new cables every time the wind changes these cables will be in my system for some time to come along with all my AZ Interconnects.

Don't forget High End Audiophile quality is not cheap!
Robert Lee and AZ make fantastic cables, and they're fair priced.

I am using for my speakers a 10ft. run of Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun( Biwired) and they are much more detailed than my previous Acoustic Zen Hologram II.The Bass is tighter and more subtle than with the Hologram II. There is more transparency and neutrality with these cables.Music sounds very natural and you sense and hear every instrument with the clarity and tonality that I am yet to find in other speaker cables. In fact my whole Audio/Video system uses only Acoustic Zen Cables. Trust me I have tried and compared many speaker cables to my Acoustic Zen Cables and I always end up sending the other cables back.
I know every cable has the tendency of sounding different from one system to another and people have different taste in sound reproduction so I know not eveyone will agree with me but in my 9+ years of listening to so many cables I have always found the Acoustic Zen cables to have all the attributes most audiophiles look for in Interconnects and Speaker cables.

Also here is the link on my review at under NY1PR2002 of the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II,
The acoustic zen satori shotguns are very good. I used to own a pair and they provided me with lots of enjoyment. Their treble is clear and detailed but without glare and hash or brightness. The cables sounded pretty neutral on my setup, full deep bottom end and good mids. Very quiet speaker cables. They look like serious cables from the outside with their hose-like girth, this is a very high value cable at it's price point. Highly recommended for people looking to steup up the higher AZ line.