Acoustic Zen Adiago vs. ATC SCM40

Any thoughts on these speakers? Neither are sold in my town and I am desperate for input. Adiago are glowing reviewed everywhere and the ATC are well regarded as well. I have a smallish listening room (12x15) with tube pre-amp/amp. Listen to all kinds of music. Also considering the Harbeth SHL5 but they considerably more money and they would have to be twice as good to buy.
I love my adagio speakers. They sound good with my audio research vt50 as well as my threshold stasis s150. I also have a small room.
I have ATC SCM11s. Like the 40s, they are a sealed box design. They are incredibly detailed. They deliver the music with razor sharp precision. Clarity is among the very best at any price. You will hear details with the ATCs that are fuzzy or inaudible with other speakers. However, with that said they can be fatigueing in the wrong setup. Also, the bass is super accurate, but has limited slam. It's as clean as bass can get and will work great in your smallish room, but it's a tight reserved bass. If you like a warm fat sound, look elsewhere. If you value neutrality, micro detail, and midrange clarity, the ATCs are unbeatable.
Im loving my adagios also.The more i put into my system(upgrades,room cond,ect)the better it gets.I just dont have any desire to move from them.I will say that they are probably not" unbeatable",but sound dam good.Just wont go back to bookshelf when the whole (Almost)range can be had.Had dynaudios,totem forests,kef,among others.I do listen to jazz mainly,john hyatt,van d'man,ect.I am also curious about atc's ,never had a pair.Lots a great reveiws as well.Just very satisfied with the adagio.....something every bodys just got to try insystem before you can asses a honest judgment though.
The Adiago's might be a better fit for you becasue they're front ported. I had mine about 30" out from the back wall and they were amazing. From what I've read, the Harbeth's need a lot of space between them and the back wall.
Two very different speakers. Adagios need power...they are not very efficient (87db I think). I own a pair and have used everything from 7 watt chip amps, tube amps, to 500 watt SS amps. All sound great. Great base and a very sweet highs.
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Just my personal opinion and experience, the zen, scm40 and shl5 are too big for your room.
Since you are using tube amps, if they are less than 100w, the scm40 is out of the pix. these speakers need a lot of s/s power.
for your room, its probably better you go with the harbeth c7es3 or the P3esrs.
if you go to the atc route which are also very good speakers, the scm11 would be a better choice but you'd probably have to upgrade your amps.
good luck.
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Anybody heard the Spendor A6 or the PMC Ob1i? I am adding those to the Adiagos for consideration.

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I use to own the Spendor A6. Fantastic speaker. Outstanding resolution and lifelike accuracy. Acoustic instruments are dead on. I personally need more bass than than produce. The bass never satisfied me unless I cranked them up louder than my typical moderate levels. A very good speaker, but bass was an issue. Midrange was faultless and superb. Highs are extended and detailed without any harshness. They will work great in a small room and are largely unaffected by room boundaries.