Acoustic Zen Adagio with Rega Exons?

Looking for new speakers in the $2K-$4K range that will sound good with my Rega electronics, including 125 wpc Exon monoblocks. Will be an upgrade from Vandersteen 1Cs. Interested if anyone has opinions on whether Acoustic Zen Adagios might work. Other ideas? Totem or B&W has crossed my mind. Thanks for your help!

I have heard the Adagio being driven by Rega's little baby,Brio and was surprised to find out how musical it was..

With the Exon monoblocks?I think it would be glorious!!!!I wish I could hear it..Those folks at REGA are really decent engineers.I think it would be a winner.

Good Luck!!!
I think it depends on music choice,i would look at adagios or totem forests,and i have owned both.There is no experience like living with the speaker for a while.If it doesnt work move on.
Thanks for the advice Fafafion and Digsmithd!