Acoustic Zen Adagio vs Devore Gibbon Super 8

Which speaker would sound best run with Rogue Audio tube amp. Suggestions? All musical tastes but country & hip hop
sorry,....the totem forest
Not a clue. But, take a look at my review of the Super 8s at They are truly remarkable speakers, but I have also heard good things about the AZ Adagios.

Good Luck, John
Verity Tamino's beat both the Forest and the 8's IMO. I've owned all three and would consider the Tamino in your mix.
I've not heard the Adagio but a good friend of mine says they are really fast, best for a surround system. He find the 8's very musical.
Get out and listen to them all if you can.
Tube amp friend, Verity Tamino works best with ss amps.
thanks though
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The AZs may be relatively inefficient, but with a pretty flat 6ohm impedence, they are indeed, tube friendly. My 22watt 845 SET sounds truly excellent with them. The best sound I have experienced, in my modest system.
I have never heard the Adagio but I have heard the Super 8's and I think they would sound amazing if run off a Sears Craftsman lawnmower engine.
Ive heard the Adaigio but havent heard Devore 8s. Have heard good qualities about the Devore 8s. The adagio is a serious speaker for the money. Under 4300 for the adagio. I heard them at RMAF 07 as they were driven by Halcros latest gear. There is also a write up about them in the Absolute Sound June/July 06. I think the reviewer used what he had on hand which was Musical Fidelity KW500 and MF CD Player. They do love power and not sure if the rogue amp you are refering, will be enough power. Also take a look at stereo times. There's a review about a mod thats done by Reference Audio Mods in Ny on the adagio. I believe its called Adagio Extreme Modification.