Acoustic Zen Adagio vs Crecendo ?

Any ideas how the Adagios stack up against their big brothers?
The Crescendo is the best speaker, to my ears anyway, I've heard personally, but I can't swing those while I could some Adagios. I listen 90% to Classical, big symphonies and opera mostly.
I was very impressed with the Adagios when I heard them. Perhaps a tad bit laid back. Would love to hear the Crescendo's.
Schubert, the price difference is too big to compare them. If you have local stereo shops, you can audition two speakers from the same brand and similar price range. First thing you'll notice huge dynamics on the big expensive speakers, which cheaper speakers will lack.

Having said that, I have both speakers, and if your room is big the Adagios will suffer on big symphonic pieces. I used mine with a sub. Otherwise, they are very good speakers. Very smooth and non-fatiguing.
Thanks Hasmarto, confirms my intuitive audiofool thoughts.