Acoustic Zen Adagio & Red Dragon Audio

This was our exhibit at T.H.E. Show and I felt we had one of the best systems at T.H.E. Show. Many people returned for a listen 2,3 and 4 times during the four day event. Numerous folks were stunned at the dynamics in the room and the low end reach of Robert's speakers.

The whole setup was quite a synergistic match.
i agree, very nice setup.
Thanks for the advertising.
We'll likely display this setup at this years Rocky Mountain AudioFest as well. I enjoyed our time at T.H.E. Show greatly and met many fine folks while there.

We may also get out to the AK Show in Southfield, MI but we're not sure if that's going to happen for sure. If anyone out that way really would like to see us - we'll try to make it happen (maybe we'll be there in person or simply have our products there in a room with Rick Craig of Selah Audio).

If anyone out there thinks there are other shows we should attend let us know and we'll try to schedule them in so we can get out to visit everyone we can.

We're showing at the VTV EXPO on May 6th and May 7th.

We are going to be showing again with the Acoustic Zen "Adagio" speakers, the Modwright Denon 3910 CDP and the 9.0SE preamp.

For those that didn't get to hear us at T.H.E. Show, this will be your chance to stop by and say hello. We hope to see you there and bring some of your best CD's to spin! ;^)
I agree the room was excellent , Get a load of Greg Weavers review in positive feeback of the Adagio,He said at 60 Hz they are loosing steam fast and in the 30hz region the Adagios have None, he must of had his hearing aid turned off.
I just love to see someone so humble, I also admire how flexible you are to reach all the way behind you to pat yourself on the back.......bravo.
heavystarch, you should pat yourself on the back for having one of the best sounding rooms at 1/10th of the price of some of the other rooms. when i go to these shows (ces, THE, and others) i am amazed that often times the smaller guys (totem, acoustic zen, and others) have some of the better sounding systems of the show. some of the $100k systems that i hear at these shows (and in dedicated rooms) don't sound as good as the $10k-$15k rooms.
You know, it is a darn shame that Paul Letteri (Pjl2122 above) can't read -- or at least, can't understand WHAT he reads. Here is what I said about the bass on the Adagio's IN MY ROOM!

The only real foibles in their performance come at the lowest of frequencies... Though rated to 30Hz at the low end, the system really begins to roll off and lose accuracy and coherence in the last octave and a half or so, starting at about 60Hz, at least, in my room. There is information there, but as I've indicated, its output begins to drastically diminish from that point on down, manifesting as a loss of rhythmic coherence and a slighting of the weight and drive of the music.

-- "...begins to roll off and loose accracy and coherence," must equal "loosing steam."

-- There is information there,...its output begins to drastically diminish from that point down, manifesting as a loss of rhythmic coherence and a slighting of the weight and drive of the music." must equal "None."

Maybe Paul should BUY a hearing aid, and glasses while were on the subject.