Acoustic Zen Adagio owners/re: amplification

Acoustic Zen Adagio owners....what are you using/or what you liked to power these speakers?
Using simple i3 sim audio,and cd player with great resutlts.hope to go up the sim chain soon.Adagios will stay.
I'm running mine through a Theta Intrepid (5 channels @ 100 watts each)... with a Theta Casanova processor which at the flick of a switch changes from stereo to surround sound. If I change anything (which I'm always dreaming about)I feel the same as Digsmithd that the Adagio's will stay.
They are said to be SET friendly, despite the 89db sensitivity. I think the flat, 6ohm impedence helps. My 22 watt Viva Solista really sounds wonderful with the adagios, dynamics, grip, drive, but also transparency. I think a good SET is good choice, but it needs to be 20watts plus and they ain't cheap
TAD 1000 monblocs. Work great.
I have used a DK Designs VS.1 Reference MKII with good success and have recently aquired an LFD LE II integrated which is doing an outstanding job. I had read up quite a bit on what others were using and it seemed that many were using tubes but I was looking for something smooth and dynamic from the solid state camp.

The LFD definitely does a great job, it's very high bandwidth and low distortion but yet the simple design has been described as very SET like. No problem at all driving the Adagios and with great grip and control at that. I've been thrilled with the Adagios overall but with this particular amp I am getting a much greater sense of realism on vocals and drums/percussion. Everything actually sounds very lifelike and no matter how complex things get or how many layers there are, everything is very easy to distinguish. All that being said, not sterile or analytical at all at the end of the day the pairing just makes music in an exiciting way that draws you in. The LFD doesn't have a ton of hours on it yet but it's pretty safe to say that the synergy factor is there...
VAC Phi 220 monoblocks. 220 watts into 8 ohms per side. I like what I am hearing.
Thanks to all for your responses. I have the Bryston B100 SST integrated which will be my starting point...and then try others. In the past I have had Maggies and always ended up using a tube pre and transistor power amp.
Whoops, forgot to ask....toe in or not to toe in...that is the question.
I vote none,recommended by az and robert.Just sounds better imho.
I am using an Arcam FMJ CD-23T (cdp), an ARC SP-3c preamp, and an ARC VT100 Mk II pwr amp. I just replaced the output tubes in the VT100. Re-set the DC balance, and re-set the bias. It's sounding great. I am always looking at what to upgrade next, but for now the Adagio's are staying. BTW, I am also using a Focal JM Labs SW900 subwoofer.
The jist of the responses to date, is that the Adagios pretty much match with everything. SET's to big SS powehouses
I experimented with toe-in and found that no toe-in provided a smoother sound. I also have them about 5 feet from the rear wall and 3 feet from the sides. The Adagios are driven by an ARC VT200MKII.
I'm using Almarro 318B 18 watt SETs with mine. The dynamics and drive are suprisingly even better than the Hypex UCD400 dual mono amps I was using previously. While tube amps traditionally have plummy bass, the bass definition on my setup is very good after some room treatment to reduce bass standing waves.

I find that toeing in improves palpability and the density of the sound, but tends to accentuate a brighter tonal balance. Toeing the speakers closer to zero degrees tends to reduce the "meatiness" of the sound, and de-emphasize the treble.

Snavesealssg....I agree with your thoughts.....ex. Air Force SAC.
i am using a tad 150 tube pre with an electrocompaniet 120 wpc amp. sounds great, big improvement over my totem model1 signatures in my room. i wonder what a decent tube amp will do. i listen to a 50wpc tube integrated (pacific creek 901) at home with single drivers and just love that setup. considering trying a pair of the small maggies in that room too. any thoughts on the mmg with that type of power?
I've been auditioning a pair of Adagios powered by a Cary SLI-80 with a local dealer -- fairly early on in the process, but they certainly sounded great to me with the Cary both in Triode (40w) and UL (80w) mode.

The only other direct comparison I can make including the adagios was when we had them hooked up to a higher-end Cary tube amp (can't remember which model, it was more than I wanted to spend so I wasn't really paying attention), and a Jaton Operetta AP2140 ([email protected], [email protected]). Both did an admirable job as far as I could tell, but to be fair, it was a small-ish dedicated listening room, and while I've spent some time with the Adagios there, I can't say I've done any in-depth auditioning or comparisons as of yet.