Acoustic zen adagio jr for Rock music?

I am looking into a set of acoustic zen adagio jr speakers. Most of the reviews I see are for jazz or classical or acoustic music. Has anyone heard them with rock music?  I mainly listen to classic rock to 5 finger death punch on down. I have a small room that is 10X11 and currently using Dali Mentor 2, Joule LAP 150A preamp and McIntosh Mc402 amp. Would the adagio jr be an upgrade, or lateral?  Are they ok for near field ?

I am looking for close to the same top end as the Dali but smoother. The same wide sound that extends beyond the speaker ( helpful in a small room ) and a hair more bloom.

I'm an AZ dealer and I'd tell you look elsewhere. Sorry no further explanation.
Thanks for the heads up.
As with many speakers, the AZ Adagio Jrs are only as good as the system that drives them. If you’re looking for a simple off-the-shelf solution, these speakers probably wouldn’t be a good choice for rock or death metal. For a similar price range, you might want to check out the Spatial Audio - Hologram series.

I purchased a new pair of AZ Adagio Jrs in 2007 - still have them. Since I live near and attend T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach every year, I’m able to compare. Many of the speakers in the showrooms are driven by $25K+ electronics and cabling. I’m still a happy camper. My system and speakers pretty much can handle whatever is thrown at them. It has amazing macro & micro dynamics. A kickdrum delivers a solid punch to the gut while offering a sparkling shimmer on the cymbals. But, it took a long while to achieve this sound presentation. Besides adding a quality powered sub, there has been much tweaking with cabling and power supplies - along with modded crossovers to the speakers themselves. Since I approached this process as a long-term hobby, the wait has been worth it.
Good speaker, but not a rock and roll speaker.
Not familiar with this brand. Why can't it do rock? And what can it do?
My speakers are significantly better for acoustic music and vocal but they have drive energy and rhythm and so they can do rock and jazz/rock fusion reasonably well. I would never buy speakers that are lousy with rock, and I don't listen to rock only fusion.
Robert Lee, I believe, designed the Adagio Jr.'s for exactly what they're advertised: classical, jazz, and other relatively softer dynamics. His Adagios are much more suited for rock, but they're floorstanders.

Having said that, the AJr's CAN rock out, but not with the gut punch you may look for.

You can always give him a call or email him at AZ and get his opinion, though. He won't try to oversell you.

Thanks all for the replies. I am currently running a McIntosh MC402, Joule Electra LAP150A preamp, Acoustic Zen Matrix II and Double Barrel Speaker cables ( talk about a huge cable!) and a older velodyne spl1200. I do like a lot of acoustic stuff, Jazz, Blues, Fusion, Classic rock but every once in a while, I like to "rock out" with Metallica, or Sabbath or even Five finger death punch. My range is quite wide from Ray Lamontagne To Joanne Shaw Taylor to Dave Brubeck.

 When I had my larger room, I was using a set of Legacy Focus. They could basically handle everything I could throw at them. In this small 10X11 room, they could not breath.

I just heard a set of PSB Imagine T. The dealer had them in a small room and they sounded surprisingly good! Easy to listen to but has a nice kick when needed. Not sure if I got a bigger room they would be up to snuff but in the small room they had it in was close to the size of my current room. In the under 2k range, I seem to have way too many choices.