Acoustic Zen Adagio Crossover upgrades?

I know, not another Adagio thread, but this is quite specific and I have'nt seen it discussed before. Response Audio and perhaps others, offer crossover upgrades to the Adagios. Now I am familiar with crossover upgrades in other speakers, specifically Audio Note and Art, so I am aware what a difference they can make. The Response Audio mod was favourably reviewed in Stereo Times, but I am more interested in forum users views.
I love the speakers, which are a long term keeper, but any piece of equipment has the potential to be improved. Has anyone had the upgrade and cares to share their impressions? Thanks
I talked to robert about this and he wasnt very encouraging about it,potential shipping damage?he say hes done alot of homework to get the most out of sure that the upgrade sounds pretty dam good.sorry cant tell you...i am enjoying them still too.