Acoustic Zen ABSOLUTE - speaker cable

I can't find much info about AZ Absolute speaker cable.
How does it compare to other faves, Cardas GR, Shunyata Andromesa, Audience Au24e, Tesla Acc to name a few in the price range. Kubala Sosna is probably on top of the bunch nowdays?
And finally how does it compare to AZ Hologram II.
I know that it's all system dependent but all cables have their own character, traits.
Hi Jkuc, take a look at my review here on the GON regarding the AZ Absolute speaker wires sonic performance. Only when I went to much more expensive Stealth Dream Petite speaker wires did I get the upgrade I was looking for in my system. Mr Lee's reference wires are quite good and beautfully built. Good luck.
I had the AZ Hologram II's and I found that the Absolute cables are better on every level. Bass response is solid, mid's and high's are tight with fantastic detail, but not overly bright. I have had these cables in my system for just over a year now and I feel no urge to change them out. They replaced a pair of Silver Audio Symphony 48's which were very nice cables, but the AZ's in my system sounded more open and more full. A lot of this is really system dependent. What I find with these cables is that they do not lie! Whatever is happening upstream you are going to hear. I am also using Absolute interconnects. I have seen some AZ Absolute speaker cables for sale here every once and awhile so you could always try a pair and see---------Good luck!!