Acoustic Zen Absolute interconnects

As these cables are currently not available in Germany I wonder if anybody can tell me how good these cables are compared eg. to AZ Silver Reference MK II, Analysis Plus Golden Oval, Siltech SQ 110 MK II, Nordost TYR or TaraLabs The 1 ISM Onboard ?
Thanks for your input.
Frankpiet, I have posted a review here on the Gon on the Acoustic Zen Absolute IC's and speaker wire, that will provide some of the information you are looking for.

The Absolute wires in my system have provided great performance and enjoyment since I put them in. I found them to be a step above Silver reference MKII, my review gives the details, and much more musical compared to other brands of wires I had auditioned before deciding on Mr. Robert Lee's wonderful products.
I would strongly suggest you audition the Shunyata Antares Helix IC's as part of your process. I went through an extensive process several months ago when I upgraded my MIT Oracle v1.1 cables...I listened to Nordost Vahalla, SilverSmith Silver and Palladium, Acoustic Zen Absolute and Silver Reference (the Absolute is a step up from the Silver Ref IMO), Harmonic Tech...the Shunyata IC's gave me the best of the ribbons and silver cables (i.e. immediacy, transparency, speed) together with the best of the network cables (i.e. tonal accuracy and realistic weight).

They really are special and yet still relatively unknown as they are mainly known for their power products. Fritz, aka The Best System in the World, has them in his reference system.

Anyway, there are LOTS of really good cables out there. Good luck.
When you reach the quality of AZ, or those that Earflappin mentions you really can't go wrong.