Acoustic Zen

just bought an expensive Acoustic Zen Ultimate Silver XLR cable on Audiogon - first time with this make, and last time too - either it's a fake (very light and seems empty inside sleeves) or it's the worst cable ever!!! my little Benckmark XLR does about 100 times better, or i could even say 1000 times better, as the Acoustic Zen doesn't do at all !!!
anyone experience the same thing - i should maybe send cable to headoffice to check authenticity.
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I have this cable (0.5m XLR).  It is very light because it is foam Teflon insulation.  It feels empty and flimsy because tubes are oversized (air has lower dielectric constant than foam Teflon).  It is absolutely fantastic cable - fast, clean and neutral sounding with high resolution.  You might have fake, but you might also suffer from The Negative Placebo Effect (sounds bad since you believe it is fake).  You might also have system deficiency that this cable reveals.   Acoustic Zen is a good, reputable company and they will tell you what to look for (signs of being fake) or will certify it for you.
thanks for the comment. audiophile for 25years, my system has no flaws (esoteric grandioso system with coincident dragons mkii tube amps) no placebo effect since it's after i tried them that i had serious doubts about their origin - it really degraded my sound. it most probably is a fake, i think i'll send to factory for check.
Can you post a pic? I don't think AZ has an Ultimate interconnect model. Their top-of-the-line is called the Absolute. Look at the photos on the AZ website to compare with yours.
+1 Sherod, I missed it.  Mine is Absolute.

what gear is in your systems?

I'm using Absolute 75 (copper) 75 digital cables, and they are the best of a great many I've tried. But- cables are very system dependent, and it just may not be a good matchup for you.

When I change gear, I often have to change cables 2 or 3 times to get the sound I want. Try something else.