Acoustic Zen

I need advice on this power cord,pls helps!
Acoustic Zen Gargantua.Thanks!
I have recently auditioned the AZ Gargantua (aprox. $1500 new) against my reference NBS Statement ($3000 new, $500 used), a new model Shunyata Research Python (aprox. $1000 new), and a BMI Whale (aprox. $500 new) and found the AZ to be far brighter and edgier than any of the others. The BMI is well balanced, the Python has very nice open highs but a bit smeared in the bass and the NBS is very nutrual with excellant bass definition, warm colorful mid-range and open highs. I continue to use the NBS as my reference.
I'd take a look at the new Elrod power cords.
I have demoed the Gargantua, and thought it to sound fabulous. I was going to get one for my CD player to replace a Krakatoa (a great cord itself) but I have heard that the David Elrod power cords are quite a bit better for about the same price.
The Elrod is the cord to purchase but you also my want to try the JPS cords and the Harmonic Technology higher priced cords. Shunyata I beleive is now offering some new power AC cords along with a new line of ICs and speaker cables that are getting good reviews from delaers that have them. Galen Carol Audio in Texas, Sounds by Singer NYC.