Acoustic Zen

I read the reviews in Enjoy The Music and Stereotimes and I am certainly curious to hear if anyone else has had direct experience with these cables? Any thoughts?
I'm using the silver IC....I like it better than any other IC I have experienced and I've tried quite a few in my high res. system. I strongly reccommend an audition it is a very fine cable and very reasonably priced for it's quality.
I'm using a Silver reference and Satori Speaker cables on my all SS equipment. I place the Quattro Fil back on my CD to preamp connection as find that two Silver IC on my system made the sound slightly too laidback. The combo of the Quattro Fil and the Silver IC just made the sound just like I like it.
Anybody interested in buying a 2 week old 1 meter balanced Silver Reference IC email me as will be selling them.