Acoustic transparent fabric

Hi everyone, i’m looking for a custom projector screen made out of a frame with 195" 16:9 ratio 95"x170" with acoustic transparent fabric to put my in-Wall speaker behind it and have the sound going through. I’m using a Optoma UHZ65LV 5000 lumens projector in a totally light controlled Home-theater. I’m aware that some acoustic transparent screen may have less gain but i’m okay with it...
I’ve already talk with Stretch Shapes and Stretchyscreens.
Who is the best?
Any other suggestions?
Thank you all!
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mijostyn, Thanks for the reply, i know Stewart are the top of the line but is it worth to pay this much extra? Is the sound and image quality is that much better for this price tag? 
Just got the samples from Stretch Shapes and done some tests with my projector and Sound Level Meter and the results just blow me away. No difference about the gain, the image was exactly the same compare to my Da-Lite screen and the 2-ply white with black backing stop the light from going through the fabric, gain of 1,08. The sound did go through the fabric with a loss of 0,1db, almost nothing... 
With a 2" square borderless aluminum frame under 2K$
I found what i need. 
If you want to see by yourself, this is the link :