Acoustic Technologies Single-Driver Loudspeaker

There were two pair of Acoustic Technologies Classic Series single-driver speakers on Ebay. They retail for $2,400 and the starting bid is $325. I purchased one of these for $325 as nobody else bid. They sound very good, especially for $325 if you like the single-driver sound.
I've had a pair of those beauties for two and a half years; running them with a Shuguang el34 amp, and a couple of old Voice of Music amps.

The sound is smooth and detailed, playing mostly Classical and Jazz music. Also, if you like female vocals you're in for a treat.

They go low enough for me--crisp bass when I play 70s rock.

Congrats on a great find.
I have a subwoofer but like the speakers better without it. Ebay still has the other pair for auction at $325. I assume they must not be selling well for $2,400 since they are being auctioned so cheap. My pair are new.