Acoustic Technologies Classic Series... Worth it??

Acoustic Technologies LL.C Classic Series offers an attractive SINGLE DRIVER speaker. It sells for $2450 and distributed by

How viable is this single driver crossover-less design in providing quality sound??. We have all seem single driver designs over the years, and possibly ignored them. However, Acoustic T's model called "The Classic" has received many positive testimonials, and a number of great reviews in legitimate internet mags It incorporates a single 3 inch titanium driver.

Would greatly appreciate some feed back about the speaker from members who owned and kept them. Seems a bit strange for a speaker brand being now offered by Amazon..

BTW, Specs on their website seem to indicate they can't take much power or play loud, but supposedly offer a "3D soundstage"
Within their volume limitations, they do present a nice soundstage which encompasses a very wide listening area. Other than that they didn't do anything for me, and I couldn't imagine living with them as my main speaker system. For an alternative to a main system they present some nice qualities, but they are too many limitations for everyday use. I don't get all the rave reviews on Amazon for them, but those users must have different priorities. Very limited frequency extension in both treble and bass, they sound too compressed from reality.
Bill k, Thank you for the feedback. After reading a few reviews closely, there are definitely " limitations" as you noted. Also, based on The Stereo Times review, AT classics seem like trouble trying to tune them in.

I just wish I could a find a smaller footprint speaker, that does not weigh a ton, and leaves some space for such luxuries like a chair and end table(LOL)
I owned these for about a month and I REALLY wanted to like them, however there was simply too much missing from them. In direct comparison with my other speakers (Ohm Walsh 3's and Yamaha NS690's) there was simply no contest. I bought mine used for $500 and sold them for the same so no harm no foul but I just can't see these being satisfying enough for a main system. I suppose when not directly comparing them against other decent speakers they can sound pleasant but for me there was no "magic" to be found, just my 2 cents...
Perhaps you could have a look at kvarte & bolge's sound sommelier speakers. You van find them at Amazon as well. They have received some rave reviews and do fit your dimensions requirements.