Acoustic Systems for Audio Research VT100Mk3

What the speakers better to use with my beloved Audio Research VT100Mk3?

Now I have Klipsch KLF and in my opinion it is not very bad, but the sound of a little rough/sharpest. I would like to get more comfortable and more detailed sound with deep and tight bass!
Thinking about purchasing of Wilson Audio Puppy, Legacy Audio Focus HD or SE...

My preference is rock-music - from art-rock to the most extreme genres of metal...

Stereo System:
Analog - Avid Volvere/SME309 with phono stage - EAR834P
Digital - Krell KPS28c
Pre Amp - Audio Research LS16

No deep , taut bass with tubes IMHO. I had the original and upgraded to mk2. For a long time. Try a used rel stentor cone extend in parallel to you main speakers. I had my mike connected to watt puppy 5.1s and added the rel. as close as I ever could come to midrange bliss with taut bass.
If you can play music loud, I recommend ProAc Response-3.
I tried some with my VT-100III and thought they were quite good at moderately loud levels.
I sold due to living in an apartment at the time.
BTW, I'd upgrade the 16 to an LS-25 MkII.
P.S. There is no shame using a subwoofer with a tube amp!
Yes, I have already used the Pro AC D38.
Unfortunately, their opportunities in the low-frequency range is very limited! Also they have a very poor scene and dry, flat, non-emotional sound... In this respect, Klipsch is much better!
In my opinion ProAC is more suited to listen to the radio-shows!
I just had an Avid Volvere / 309 combo over this weekend. Sounded better than any font end I have ever heard through my system.
I have tannoy Kensington SE speakers highly recommend them!!!!
...only not Tannoy for metal genres!!! It`s death of sound & dynamics!
Yes, Avid is wonderful!