Acoustic Strawbs Tour

The Acoustic Strawbs Tour starts in Charlotte NC tonight. The Strawbs played an electric tour earlier this year with the original lineup for "Hero and Herione" and Ghosts". Thats the band I saw about 30 years ago in Saracuse NY, wish I had known at the time they would be in the US. For me the Strawbs were every bit as important as any band around back then but I know most people dont remember them. They had some radio play from "Grave New World", "Bursting at the Seams" and other albums to a lesser extent but never really got big. Starting out as a British bluegrass duo through many changes they eventually became an electric band. At one time Rick Wakeman was their keyboard player before his Yes years.

I must admit Im a little disappointed that Im not seeing the electric band this time, but they are playing in a little 400 seat theater so its gunna be great. Maybe they will come back electric some time, but Im very excited to see these guys.

'Grave New World', 'Bursting at the Seams', 'Hero and Heroine', 'Ghosts', ''Deadlines', Deep Cuts', 'Burning for You'...all go 'round and round' on my turntable from time to time. Great lyrics and much drama. Still a big fan, did I mention Im excited ?

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