Acoustic Sounds Customer Service

I recently made my first purchase from Acoustic Sounds- 3-180 gram LPs and 50 of their poly lined inner sleeves. LPs are fine, but the sleeves were warped when I unpacked. I split into little piles to see if they would relax but never did. They bundle up when you try to put an LP away. So I did receive an RA from A. Sounds, but they refused to pay shipping back. I realize companies have policies but when they clearly have shipped an inferior or defective product, I believe they should look outside their policies and take care of the customer. So now I'm looking for another company (Music Direct?) to buy my analog from and also some inner sleeves that will lay flat. I know there's a recent thread on inner sleeves and I will read for recommendations. Anyone else unhappy with A. Sounds service?
Did you try just putting some flat weight on top of them? I dont understand how a poly sleeve could be warped...
They're poly-lined paper sleeves. Appears to me they weren't glued correctly.
I have never had anything but the BEST service from Acoustic Sounds. The few times I have found it necessary to return an LP to them because of defects they have been very helpful and have done whatever it took to satisfy my concern.

Now, you're telling us that your poly-lined sleeves are warped?!? I buy those all the time and have no clue as to what you're talking about. And to carry it farther, you complain because they wouldn't take care of the couple of dollars you had to spend to send these "defective" sleeves back?

Sorry, but I think your mindset is warped.
I also have never had but the BEST of service from Acoustic Sounds and I've been buying from Chad since he was in his little one bedroom apartment, (well over 20 years). I also buy these same inner sleeves in 100 lots and have no problem with them.
"Now, you're telling us that your poly-lined sleeves are warped?!? I buy those all the time and have no clue as to what you're talking about. And to carry it farther, you complain because they wouldn't take care of the couple of dollars you had to spend to send these "defective" sleeves back?

Sorry, but I think your mindset is warped."

Dan_ed; because YOU haven't had warped sleeves that means it's not possible for someone else too??

And I don't think the OPer cares about a couple of bucks but, is making a point on principle.

This is probably obvious to most people here.
I have had the best service from Acoustic sounds. They really take the time to answer my many questions and I have never had a problem. I would never expect to reimburse my shipping costs to them unless it was something sent in error and the costs were high. Sorry, I can't recommend a better place.
Well, thanks for explaining that to me, Pawlowski. I would never have caught on to what point Ehaller was trying to make.

Pawlowski, since you seem to be so in tune with Ehaller. Can you explain to all of us what a warped sleeve is?

"Well, thanks for explaining that to me, Pawlowski. I would never have caught on to what point Ehaller was trying to make."

I figured.

"Pawlowski, since you seem to be so in tune with Ehaller. Can you explain to all of us what a warped sleeve is?"

If you take two sheets of something (like a plastic liner and paper outer sleeve) and glue them together without them being flat ans square, one may buckle and cause a "warp."

What's harder to envision; an imperfect paper product probably made in China or, that Ehaller is making ALL this up becasue he has nothing better to do??????
Chad and the rest of the fine folks from Acoustic Sounds have always been an outstanding (favorite) dealer for me and my circle of friends and family. Warped poly-lined paper sleeves?! Please, work it out. I recently purchased two thousand and they arrived in great condition. LOL

Happy Listening!

I buy all my sleeves here: Sleeve City

I've made maybe 5-6 orders. They sent me the wrong product once; I called and they shipped me the correct product and said to keep the wrong order.

This is not a comment on Acoustic Sounds, from whom I've had good service.

Hey Pawlowski. You seem to be of the same mindset as Ehaller so why don't you make everything right and reimburse him for his shipping charges? Ehaller has a history of returning things to businesses who then can't seem to find anything wrong with the items he returns. So, no. I don't believe what he is reporting and have no clue what his motives might be.

But that is really not the issue.

I'm not going to jump on someone's wagon and help them attempt to smear a very reputable business because this person may not like the product he received. I think it is commendable that AS will take them back simply because Ehaller isn't happy with them. But I'm not going to be so quick to assume he's right just because he posts a grievance here.
I buy the MFSL sleeves from Music Direct, and I have never had a problem. They are somewhat expensive, ($20 for 50),but if you buy them in bulk, the price is fairly reasonable, (200 sleeves for $60, I think, based on memory).

FYI, I have bought some used records before that did have some generic sleeves that were, for want of a better word, "warped". It was annoying enough that I threw them away, and replaced them, so I can see where you are coming from.

Good Luck!

I only have the facts as stated in the original post;

1. Received defective sleeves. CERTAINLY PLAUSIBLE
3. They would not pay return shipping. I COULD SEE BOTH SIDES HERE.
4. Ehaller's not happy and wants to find another retailer. GO FOR IT. I DON'T CARE EITHER WAY. WHY DO YOU??
I know exactly what Ehaller means by 'warped' sleeves. I had the same experience, even with the more expensive Nitty Gritty Poly Sleeves I purchased from Music Direct a couple of years ago. I returned them at my expense and requested MFSL sleeves instead. Aftermarket paper sleeves are simply not the quality of the EMI, DGG, Decca and Philips of the past.

I stick with MFSL and Bags Unlimited's rice paper sleeves.
If one still prefers a polylined paper sleeve, I have found the ones manufactured by Bags Unlimited to be the most flat with the best fit and finish.
I ordered sleeves recently from Music Direct and they were bent because they weren't flattened out in the shipping box and bunched up inside. Is that what you're talking about? It did make them more difficult to use but I figured once they've be around an LP for a while they will be fine.
I have the same frustration, me having to pay shipping to return a defective item, hardly seems fair, but that is the bargain that I struck when I decided to purchase from Acoustic Sounds. If you look at their return policy, this is very clearly spelled out.

You don't ask your local brick and mortar store to reimburse you for gas money when you bring back an item to them do you? Hopefully, the incidence rate is acceptable and when it does happen it is not worth worrying about. I see the principle of the argument but in balance it doesn't really matter - at least to me.

I have had nothing but great service from AS and MD, they are a fantastic resource and I feel like I am treated fairly, especially since they are clear about the return policy.
You don't have all of the facts. Just what Ehaller is posting.

I don't care who anyone buys from. I've bought from all of the vendors listed here. That is a completely different issue than to say "I didn't get my way so I'm going to suggest they don't treat people right."

Yeah, he's got the right to say that. I've got the right not to suffer foolishness at the expense of a business I hold in high regard.
I have had great customer service from Acoustic Sounds. I bought a few records recently that the sound quality was not to my liking. They took them back and gave me full credit. I did not mind paying the shipping cost whatsoever.

If I buy a new record from Amoeba and I don't like it they will give me back 75%of my money. If I ship a record back to Acoustic Sounds it cost me about the same. In fact it's less because I would have to spend money on gas to get to Amoeba.
I think we are all insane. I have also known Chad and done business with him since the beginning of time. I have found that he accepts returns on defective records, and if memory serves, doesn't he do some pretty good deals on shipping?
I guess the couple bucks to return the defective sleeves might irk- why don't you call them back and say you'll send a sample so that they can see what you are complaining about- you could probably stick that in an envelope and mail it cheaply; and suggest in the meantime that they send you a new batch, after Qc'ing to make sure the replacements are oK. that' way, you aren't out anything but a small charge for sending back a sample; or, perhaps Chad will cut you a break on shipping on your next order, just because you had a bad experience which doesn't sound like his fault.

But, it ain't worth getting twisted about- its nickels. If you said he sold you a defective amplifier or turntable and wouldn't take it back, i could see why you'd make an issue out of it and go public; for this, I think it's not worth it, or the upset other members here are having over a small issue. Respectfully,
Bill Hart
Why don't you just call them, explain the problem and ask them to send you some non wrinkled sleeves to replace the defective, wrinked ones ....
Wow, didn't think I'd get peoples feathers ruffled over this. I actually took digital pictures of the sleeves and emailed it to A. Sounds. That's when they gave me the RA. I placed a few LPs in the sleeves, inserted them into the jackets and a few days later they still were "bunched" up. It's an obvious gluing issue. Someone said I have a history of buying things and returning them? Where the hell did that come from? I want the sleeves, need them, just don't feel like cramming the LPs back into the jackets. So I am returning them at my expense, yeah it's only a few dollars but I was trying to make a point about putting customer service before corp. profit, and I will shop elsewhere. Whew!
Hi,they took a bad lp back for me and refunded the shipping back.Have had the best customer service from them!!Ask for a manager.
Ive also had good and bad experience with A.S. I think its chicken s it to not pick up the shipping on something defective that you sold. Id call Chad personally I dont care if its a few bucks they can afford it. Im still waiting for a refund on a record I returned 4 mos ago. good luck
Pick your battles and those who you care to spend your hard earned dollars with.

It just seems a little extreme to elevate such a petty grievance to this degree.

Just like the mom and pop record stores being blamed for the perceived quality problems and high prices of the greedy recording industry... Let's run them all out of business and then we can sit and complain about a lack of competitive distributors. Think before you act!

No wonder audiophiles get such a bad rap... maybe we do things to sometimes deserve a lack of courtesy.

I am one who will continue to do good business with Chad and Acoustic Sounds.

Happy Listening!
I remember buying LPs (in the old days) that seem to have been put into the paper sleeve with the vinyl still warm from pressing.
This caused the (all paper) sleeves to "shrink wrap" themselves to the record.
Modern sleeves are probably made using some kind of press and could deform if not laid perfectly flat while cooling/drying.