Acoustic Sounds 45's Jazz series

Which one's have you listened too. What #'s would you recommend?
I have three: 1) Bill Evans' Waltz for Debby
2) Ellington's Duke's Big 4 and
3) Thelonious Monk's Brilliant Corners

They all sound just fine (although I expected pristine surfaces for $50), but I frankly am not all that certain that the hefty price of admission is worthwhile, since other versions, including the OJCs @ about $10 each, are close enough to make me think I'd have been just as well off to go that route and have money left over to buy 12 additional OJCs. Plus with the 45 rpm speed it seems as though it's time to flip it over almost as soon as my butt hits the chair!

Sorry for the ingnorance but what is OJC and where do you order these? Many thanks

The Cannonball Adderly is amazing. Also have the Evans Waltz for surfaces are pristine, no noise. I have cleaned them using Record Research fluid and a VPI vacumn...
I have: 1.Ellington's "Dukes big 4"
2.Miles, "Realxin', and Cookin'"
3.Sonny Rollins "saxaphone Collosus"
4.Willie Dixon/Memphis Slim "Willie's Blues"
5.Bill Evans "Waltz for Debby"

I think these disk's sound incredible. I have nenver heard original's, but I do have a 33rpm Acoustic sounds "Waltz for D. and the 45rpm version sounds a lot better to me (twice as good, I don't know........... guess that one is up to you).

I am probably crazy but I like the record changing....... I would like to buy more of these titles (and will) but the price is steep. I figure if I find enough $5 used records it makes up for it though.

I believe those O.J.C. are from Fantasy records. They are located in Berkley, California. They put out a large catalog of Vinyl. I'll see if I can find there phone #. I
just found it 510-549-2500.
"OJC" refers to the "Original Jazz Classics" series of reissues that Fantasy records did in the mid to late 1980's. The reissues included several hundred of the best jazz recordings of the 1950's and 1960's, mainly from the Contemporary and Riverside labels. The "OJC" LP's were remastered, decently pressed, and very reasonably priced. I own about 100 of the "OJC" LP's from this series, and there is some great music in the collection. I am, however, not convinced that the 45-rpm series from Acoustic Sounds merits a $50/LP price tag. Before you plunk down $50 for a single LP (45-rpm or not), you might want to do a little research about whether the music on the recording is worth $50 to you.
I've already made my decision on this: The difference is definitely not worth the big price tag to me. It's interesting that Pure Audiophile, which has thus far issued two remastered albums, Karrin Allyson's Ballads and Ray Brown's Soular Energy (with another on the way) does so at 33 rpm and to me these sound at least as good if not better than the 45s under discussion and the price is about the same. Furthermore they don't chintz and stick 2 LPs in one slot as Acoustic Sounds does. The latter may be attempting to maintain the integrity of the original packaging with this practice, but I think it stinks, especially for $50.