Acoustic Solid Transparent?

This turntable looks very attractive! Has anyone listened to it before? How does it compare to other entry level players? say Gyro deck...?
Accoustic Solid tends to come OEM with an entry Rega250. You are going to want to upgrade, and in my opinion, the arm and the cart will make all the difference. Here is my
AS with a Moerch UP-4 and a Denon 103
Don't know the Transparent, but I have an ASolid "Wood Classic(?)" (not sure of the precise model designation, but it's the top "wood" model w/the large plinth, platter, and motor as well as electronic motor controller). It works very well, sounds great with the supplied RB300 and probably represents the most content per dollar of any piece of audio equipment I own.

I have just brought the table. Aus$2000 for a demo unit. It comes with the 301 arms and looks very good. I think it is great valve as the workmanship is very good for the price. Will set up and listen when I finish painting my room.