Acoustic Signature turntables

Looking to upgrade here from a Technics. Anyone have one of these. How do they compare to the competition, like Clearaudio, SME, Avid, Transrotor, etc.?
Hello Dave 72, I own a Calypso. It has a very solid foundation. Good bass and rock solid image. I think it is fairly neutral and gets out of the way of the music.I enjoy it a lot but did not listen to a lot of tables, so I cannot help with comparisons. Maybe someone else will comment.

Bearing has 10 year warranty. We shall see how it holds up.
Can't say how they compare to the brands you mention, but my AS Final Tool has proven to be significantly more resolving and balanced than my VPI Scout. Paired with a tweaked out version of the Rega RB300 (Audiomods from England,) it leaves little to be desired to my ears and budget. While something like an Ortofon Jubilee is on the horizon, I feel like I'm definitely in the "diminishing returns for investment" part of the financial curve. Currently it's used with an Ortofon Kontrapunkt H and a RCM Sensor phono stage and it balances resolution, warmth, pace, and musicality in a very pleasing manner. It's built like a tank as well, so I'm not too worried bout any mechanical failures.
We have a video of Gunther from Acoustic Signature at CES this year that is going up next week. He talks about all the models and the design principals. It's very good and he explains the tables well.
Thanks guys, sounds like a winner. Peter, please provide the link when it's up. Thanks!
OK Dave,

Here's the link, go to CES series two, second video down I think.

It's real good.

Peter B.
Ok, I saw the video. Very cool. I learned a lot. Thanks for putting it out there!