Acoustic Signature Mambo vs Nottingham, Teres, Etc

My friends have been trying to cure my insatiable appetite for all things audio, so they hired some dancing girls to get my mind off of turntables. But it didn't work. I just couldn't get that picture of the Acoustic Signature Mambo out of my head!

Seriously, I have been "looking" for a new turntable (auditioning, being a great idea in principle, is very difficult in practice), and this forum has been terrific. However, I did a search and couldn't find any discussion about the Mambo.

So, all you guys that have written so eloquently about the Nottingham, Teres, VPI, etc., etc., tables - do you have any experience with or comments about the Mambo? As you might guess, I am interested in those particular brands, and have read many good threads about them, but wanted to invite you guys to chime in with any experience/thoughts/opinions. Hey 4yanx, I hope you will join in, since you have given me very good advice in the past.


PS - I listen to 50/50 classical (orchestral and chamber) and jazz (electronic and acoustic). The rest of my system is not applicable since it will be changing as soon as I can get those dancing girls to stop listening and get out of my music room...
Rush, I am happy that any advice I might have fowarded was useful to you. In this case, I am of little help. I am hoping that someone will address this with experience as I, too, would have interest. I did have occasion to hear an Acoustic Signature Final Tool and Analog One, but not a Mambo. I actually thought the Final Tool was a better table than the more expensive Analog One - more musical with a better bass definition. However, I only had only a short opportunity to hear these tables and in less than the ideal conditions I'd require to give a definitive response. As such, I cannot recommend or condemn either table. I will say that the fit and finish of both were most excellent.
I haven't heard the Mambo.
Never heard it, but aren't AS products sold only through Needle Doctor? I was not well-pleased during my one attempt to deal with them in the past (and that included with the owner). The 'tables do look interesting though. But don't get me started on this new platter design they've been hawking lately - I can see nothing but stupidity (with the exception of marketing hype) in making a platter that contains compliantly suspended masses...