Acoustic Signature Final Tool vs Michell Obre, etc

I listen to classical music. I want to buy a turn table under $3500. Has any body compare the Acoustic Signature Final Tool with Michell Obre SE, Basis 2001 or VPI Aries. If you think there are better deals, please also advise.
Check out the Teres Audio model 255. I'm waitinfg for mine. It looks much better made than all of the above. . Chris is a great guy.
I havent heard the teres but by all accounts its good. I've got the Eurolab Premiere (which the Teres is partly based on) and can vouch for its impressive reputation. Either would be a good choice, and leave lots to spare for a good tonearm.
Hi Hanjiang,

There was a recent article in one of the magazines (Stereophile, TAS, or Listener) on the Acoustic Signature turntables. I remember the conclusion was that it's a good, solid table, but not as refined, or musical as some other tables in its price range. (I will go home and find the article tonight and refresh my memory on what it concluded).

The Final Tool was on my list too. But at the end, it was one comment by it's designer that turned me off. One of the magazines had asked him about why three motors on his table, and he admitted that three motors is more susceptible to problems as you are three times as likely to have a motor breaking down and going off speed.