Acoustic Signature Final Tool & Origin Resolution

Does anyone have an opinion to offer on the performance of the ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE FINAL TOOL and/or the ORIGIN LIVE RESOLUTION turntables? Thanks.
I've owned them both and still have the OL Resolution. Both are great values and excellent examples of their types. The non-suspended Final Tool is rock solid, easy to set up and maintain, and delivers plenty of PRAT for a high-mass table. Nottingham, fixed-foot smaller Basis and VPI, Rega, Eurolab Premier are some examples of other non-susp tables with similar qualities--although they differ tonally, all these non-susp designs are pretty neutral, and have put a solid image into my room with alacrity.
The suspended OL Resolution is a completely different animal. A low-mass table with acrylic platter gliding on three springs, its presentation offers a beguiling combination of PRAT and harmonic richness. I've noticed that sprung tables generally seem to have more depth and a sense of "character" than non-susp designs, albeit often at the expense of PRAT.

I apologize for the amateur mini-lecture about turntable designs, but I guess it never hurts to put things into context. Here's some direct comparison: the Resolution is fussier to assemble and a little harder to maintain than the Final Tool, but its DC motor is very stable and reliable. In my room, to my ears, with my prejudices, the German Final Tool seemed like a precise machine with a clearly defined soundstage and neutral presentation. The British Resolution seems more organic in design and appearance, somewhat more "lit-up" in presentation than the Tool, maintaining a wide soundstage and excellent (for a sprung design) bass definition. This table wraps the notes up in a bit of magic, at least for me.
Thanks for your excellent response. I'm leaning towards the ORIGIN. My gut instinct tells me it's a table I can happily live with for many years, that it's worth the almost twice the cost. Take care.
Man, I wish I had posted that question here a montha go....

I was looking very seriously at both those tables. A Canadian dealer who advertises here on Audiogon was dropping Acoustic Sig and blowing out his demo Final Tool & Mambo(w/ Kuzma Stogi arm) for $1,340 and $3,400, respectively.

The ad stayed up for a month with no activity, so I finally called to see if they still had them - they did. I dilly-dallied for another day or two over which to get and when I called back, both had been sold already.

Live and learn, hesitation kills in this sport.

Dlshifi - "the German Final Tool seemed like a precise machine with a clearly defined soundstage and neutral presentation."

That seems to confirm Michael Fremer's opinion of the FT in his Stereophile review in 2003:

"The Final Tool is a great-sounding 'table, especially if you want rhythm, pacing, dynamics, image focus, and rock-stable soundstaging. If you're shopping at this price point or well above and like the delicate, the plush, and the airy, the Tool is probably not the 'table for you,"

But, he also added:
"although adding something like the 309/Celebration combo or a Rega with a slightly forgiving cartridge will get you close."

So, with the right arm/cart it might be possible to have your cake and eat it, too.

As for the Resolution, a few weeks later, a dealer here in Los Angeles was letting go his demo table w/ and Encounter arm for $3,400. Once again, I piddled around over the total cost and decided against it.

But, your description of it's virtues match his exactly.

Now, I have a Scheu Premier mkII w/ Scheu's Tacco tonearm. We'll see if it is up to the task.
I recently bought a Resolution and reinforce Dlshifi's report. Great base in particular, fast, musical with a wide deep soundstage. With my old Illustrious arm and Koetsu Rosewood Signature, I've got a long term keeper(yes I know we all say that and change after 6 months, but I relly really mean it,... I think)
Dear Lornoha: +++++ " with my prejudices, the German Final Tool seemed like a precise machine with a clearly defined soundstage and neutral presentation. " +++++
This is what Dlshifi already told you. Then what: if you are a music lover, you know you want a NEUTRAL PRESENTATION, nothing less nothing more.

Now, if your music/sound reproduction priorities are different, look elsewhere.

The Final Tool is a very good music/sound reproduction tool, with a great and cleaver bearing/external powersupply design that can takes three tonearms and three motors, too. Michael Fremer ranked class B because is so to " inexpensive " for class A, but if you read between words on his review: he really like the Final Tool.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Aside from sonic issues, I was sorely disappointed in the "fit and finish" of the earliest OL tables. Can anyone comment on whether this aspect has improved?