Acoustic Signature Calypso/ Rega 301 upgrade path

I have not read or heard anything about this turntable yet I now have one on the way. Has anyone heard it yet? I have ordered the Wiggles VTA adjustment for the Rega arm. I was curious about what tone arms would be good for a latter upgrade. Any other ideas for upgrade path to this turntable would be appreciated.

Mostly listen to great vintage MM/MI cartridges now but open to MC latter if I move up the Shindo line. I listen to all kinds of music but seem to gravitate to Jazz.

Current system
Butler TDB 2250
Shindo Aurieges w/mm
Joseph RM25XL
I have owned in the past a rega 300 and having the origin live mods was quite good, the rega became a great arm.
The Audiomods is an excellent arm, probably the best you can get at the price, that would be a drop in replacement for the Rega. Match it with a Dynavector 17d3, or Lyra Delos and you will be singing away.
Thanks Gilles130 and Manitunc. I was thinking the tone arm would be the place to start. I will get a feel for the RB301 as a basis to work from and then move up. I had not heard of Audiomods. I will check that out.

Gilles130, Would moving to the Origin Live arms, used, be a better idea or is a Origin Live modified 301 the way to go.

What about SME and other arms?

I am open to an arm pod and a longer arm also.

Any ideas on a base. I currently have a FIM isolation base on a Ikea table. I have hardwood floors on an old peer and beam house.

Keep the ideas coming!
I originally had the RB300 with a Discovery Cable rewire and the spring removed. A very good arm but after a couple of years I changed it out for an Origin Live Silver (original version)that, in my system, provided better base definition and a clearer extension of the highs with my Sumiko Blackbird HOMC. This was a worthwhile upgrade and the Silver stayed in my system for two years. I have now upgraded to the new OL Encounter MK3c that has been a substantial upgrade as well. There are many changes and tweaks that you can employ on the Rega arm, but the Origin Live arms bring a little something special IMO.