Acoustic Signature Calypso/ Rega 301 upgrade path

I have not read or heard anything about this turntable yet I now have one on the way. Has anyone heard it yet? I have ordered the Wiggles VTA adjustment for the Rega arm. I was curious about what tone arms would be good for a latter upgrade. Any other ideas for upgrade path to this turntable would be appreciated.

Mostly listen to great vintage MM/MI cartridges now but open to MC latter if I move up the Shindo line. I listen to all kinds of music but seem to gravitate to Jazz.

Current system
Butler TDB 2250
Shindo Aurieges w/mm
Joseph RM25XL

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The Audiomods is an excellent arm, probably the best you can get at the price, that would be a drop in replacement for the Rega. Match it with a Dynavector 17d3, or Lyra Delos and you will be singing away.
The Audiomods is a compete reconstruction of a Rega 250, a much better starting point than a 300. Everything is replaced or redone except the intregal headshell, which is the best part of the tonearm. It can also be ordered with a micrometer VTA adjuster for adjusting VTA on the fly. The level of workmanship is outstanding for the price and is built by one guy, one at a time. For the price, I dont believe there is anything that can touch it, and even forgetting the price, its performance is equal to anything under $3000. Besides, its nice to support the little guys advancing the vinyl experience.