Acoustic Signature Calypso/ Rega 301 upgrade path

I have not read or heard anything about this turntable yet I now have one on the way. Has anyone heard it yet? I have ordered the Wiggles VTA adjustment for the Rega arm. I was curious about what tone arms would be good for a latter upgrade. Any other ideas for upgrade path to this turntable would be appreciated.

Mostly listen to great vintage MM/MI cartridges now but open to MC latter if I move up the Shindo line. I listen to all kinds of music but seem to gravitate to Jazz.

Current system
Butler TDB 2250
Shindo Aurieges w/mm
Joseph RM25XL
I have owned in the past a rega 300 and having the origin live mods was quite good, the rega became a great arm.
The Audiomods is an excellent arm, probably the best you can get at the price, that would be a drop in replacement for the Rega. Match it with a Dynavector 17d3, or Lyra Delos and you will be singing away.
Thanks Gilles130 and Manitunc. I was thinking the tone arm would be the place to start. I will get a feel for the RB301 as a basis to work from and then move up. I had not heard of Audiomods. I will check that out.

Gilles130, Would moving to the Origin Live arms, used, be a better idea or is a Origin Live modified 301 the way to go.

What about SME and other arms?

I am open to an arm pod and a longer arm also.

Any ideas on a base. I currently have a FIM isolation base on a Ikea table. I have hardwood floors on an old peer and beam house.

Keep the ideas coming!
I originally had the RB300 with a Discovery Cable rewire and the spring removed. A very good arm but after a couple of years I changed it out for an Origin Live Silver (original version)that, in my system, provided better base definition and a clearer extension of the highs with my Sumiko Blackbird HOMC. This was a worthwhile upgrade and the Silver stayed in my system for two years. I have now upgraded to the new OL Encounter MK3c that has been a substantial upgrade as well. There are many changes and tweaks that you can employ on the Rega arm, but the Origin Live arms bring a little something special IMO.
You have the money so the decision is yours.The most important things are structural mod (counterweight) and cables. This mod is stunning for the price, if you have the money you can get further by buying a second hand origin live arm. Now i have bought a second hand conqueror mkII and think it's quite a great tonearm but the basic version is quite good.
The Audiomods is a compete reconstruction of a Rega 250, a much better starting point than a 300. Everything is replaced or redone except the intregal headshell, which is the best part of the tonearm. It can also be ordered with a micrometer VTA adjuster for adjusting VTA on the fly. The level of workmanship is outstanding for the price and is built by one guy, one at a time. For the price, I dont believe there is anything that can touch it, and even forgetting the price, its performance is equal to anything under $3000. Besides, its nice to support the little guys advancing the vinyl experience.