Acoustic Sciences Corp. Acoustic Picture panels

Any one own this product and if so how do they look in person? Are you happy with the built quality?
I have three on order - VERY, VERY WAF......
(1st reflections will be treated with those and front wall - between the speakers & covering 50" plasma display).

So far the best looking treatments that I have seen.
I just hope they will make some diffusers in the future.

If WAF is an issue..........go for it - chicks love it ( especialy the custom ones with your choice of photos).

Good luck


How do you hang the pannel to cover 50" plasma? I plan to buy one but don't know how to hang it on the plasma display.

No, not on the plasma itself.
In fact if you take a look at the pics. in my sys. you will see a fake wall tha will have a plasma display build-in it.
It will be cover with a panel, that will slide up when needed.