Acoustic Revive RCC-24.....any experience with

Another thread mentioned the Troy EMI/RFI ground tweak made by Tripoint 8k it's a budget buster for me. But I came across the Acoustic Revive RCC-24 ground enhancer which is more doable....Anybody using one? What do you think?
It is RGC-24, NOT RCC-24!

It is a wonderful product that works and you can get away with just one unit for your system, i.e. for the pre-amp.

The whole system will sound like energized in all aspect. I don't think you will remove it once installed. IMO, it is the second item to buy after their RD-3 being on the top of the list.

Many of their tweaks do works as advertised. However, some are more obvious than others. My favorite are in the order of: RD-3, RGC-24, RCI-3, QR-8.

You can email me if you need more info.

Have fun.
It's one of AR's strongests tweaks ( RTP's , RR77, RD3 all great)). It works on every place in your set. Doesn't matter where you connect it to earth. Works under/on/near powertransformer and outputtransformers. It even does a great job under a powerstrip. The effect accumulates if you use more. In my set 1 piece is just right. More is not always better. It's a strong tweak !!
Overall definition becomes much clearer, decay of tone is longer, tones are easier to follow. Brings more flesh to the bone ( not fat !!).
You might check out reviewer Jeff Day's articles, either in 6moons or now of positive feedback. If I remember correctly he was very excited about their products.
Here's a thread I started...that has went from cables to grounding....

I have upgraded all my PC's lately...big improvement...the last cable...I put on my preamp....but I'm thinking I need to try a grounding tweak....I'm addicted to "blacker backgrounds" which seems to be the holy grail IMHO.

Link to thread
William.....yep that's what I'm looking for...

Chas....I stumbled on to Jeff's article on the RGC-24...great read...and peaked my interest.

So far guys....all the feedback has been great.
In my experience, I find the unit sensitive to placement. In otherwords, if you don't like the initial effect of the RGC-24, move the unit around (near) the power transformer for desired works!
Can't say enough good things. More than worth the money for a digital front end.
Tried it on the earth ground connection on my Nordost QB8. Does add some additional clarity, definition and depth but with the undesireable side effect of boosting the lower high frequency range in my system. Think too much sybalence on "s" words, particularly female vocals.

Any suggestions on how to mitigate this effect?
Try it plugged in to the ground post or RCA (using their supplied adapter) of your preamp instead.