Acoustic Research TA

I have the above mentioned TT, its ok but.... I've got about $600-$700 maybe a tad more to spend. Should I consider a newer used table in this range, (Pro-ject, Rega, Music Hall ect.) or spend the money and upgrade what I have, or something else? What would give more bang for the buck.
if its operating fine, keep the ar
Its operating great but I think the sound can be better, I've been thinking about sending it out for some mods.
Always go for the T and A.
Can someone recommend a great place to contact about doing mods on this? I've sent an email to Dave at Vinyl Nirvana, anyone else?
Try this site
Thanks for the site, interesting stuff
what do you all think of AE the Turntable? Dave at Vinyl Nirvana thinks I should upgrade to that.
oops, I meant AR of course. DOH!!!