Acoustic Research Speakers AR-90

Does anyone know where I can purchase new drivers for these old speakers. Specifically the 10" side firing woofers and midrange drivers.

Try AB Tech Services 17C Airport Drive Hopedale,MA 01747
They are an authorized AR replacement speaker and parts center.
Is it the foam surrounds that are gone? You could have the existing speaker's foam surrounds redone.

I appreciate the feedback from the both of you. And yes it is the foam surrounds that has failed not the drive per sae. So how or is there someone who can replace/rebuild the foam surrounds.

Try Layne Audio for new AR replacements or repair:

One place for speaker repair is
$30 for one speaker, $55 for two, $98 for four..
They also offer Do-It-Yourself kits if your handy...

Another place that will do it or sell you DIY kit is:

Call a local audio store near you. They may know of a place near you. Then you could just drop them off.

I personally like re-foaming the originals. Unless you're lucky to get the exact same original woofers, etc, a new driver could change the sound of your speakers.

DIY kits also at:
michigan sound reinforcements, this is where i always go,i noticed from a previous thread that you were in detroit,this business is in flint.


Thanks I will contact them