Acoustic Research (new AR-1) any good ?

Hello,I am thinking of buying a pair of the new AR-1 speakers.How do they sound? Also I am using a pair of Sound Valves VTA-70 amps strapped to 70 watts mono.One more thing I have found that some speakers with high sensitivity seem to show up a lot of source noise or a hissing sound do these do this? On the new AR-1 speakers the tweeter looks like it is recessed about 1 inch what does this do to the sound? Does it help or smear the image? Thanks Bob
Sonicbob, These are superb sounding speakers. I have lived with a pair for about a year now and love them. These speakers are capable of throwing a huge, well defined soundstage with the proper electronics. I use a Plinius 8150 integerated amp and a Sony SCD-1 SACD player. The secret with the AR1 is to keep them away from the back and side walls. Mine are 4 feet from the back wall and 30 inches from the side and also keep the Bass control turned down, between 1 and 1.75. The alpha Core M1-2(speaker)and Micro Purl Silver (interconnects) works well and are priced right. Once these speakers are set up properly you will be amazed at the low Frequency extension and the silky smooth delicate mid and high range. They are great for home theatre also. They only show up source noise If the source has noise. I have noticed none with my Plinius. I know you will enjoy them if you buy them. They are rated a Solid Class B speaker in Sterophile Mag. Best Regards, Dave Hubbard 707-836-0804
hi bob, we sell the complete ar line of speakers and the AR-1 's are the flagships -- the sound stage is amazing they are also stunning in apearance .. and with the sunfire amp on the woofers the lows are incredable ... but the highs are crisp and well deffined and the midrange is very smooth check out our web site at-- get in touch for special pricing good listening stephen Quest for Sound
Hi Bob,
I will be purchasing Amazing Platinum Carver speakers very soon, and I would like to biwire them. Do you have the schematic to biwire them? if you do, what can I do to have you email it to me? Thank you very much. Aldo 408-781-3094